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Primary Statement
The Necessity of a standard junior educational institution having National Curriculum (English and Bangla version) for the children of Uttara and suburb was immensely felt. LIFE PREPARATORY SCHOOL (LPS) has come into being to fulfill that vacuum. Under the strict supervision and efficient management of the members of the Board, LPS is committed to create a progressive generation by imparting quality education.

Name of the School
To select a name different names along with so called International Schools appear before us. We thought such a name may lead us to traditional path. In order to come out of that typical way the name "Life Preparatory School (LPS)" has been selected. Our slogan is "We prepare lives". Though the name does not ensure Quality Education, its importance always prevails along with the aims and objectives because we are firmly committed to build lives. Responsibility to assess and examine lies with you.



  • Md. Atahar Ali
    B.Sc. (Honours), M. Sc (First Class)
    Founder Principal

    Assalamu Alaikum. You do not have any hope for your children. Their future is surrounded by a golden dream. And in order to implement their golden dreams in 2010, the Global Education Center started a very humid range. So, only coaching is done from fourth to twelfth class. Today, in the year 2018, with 800 students being guided by goodwill. And this successful way has started in Gazaipur's well-equipped and modern Global Public School in 2019. 

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